The Big Cats of the Mara

Maasai Mara is famous for its Big Cats, sure we are stone throw away from the marsh pride in Musiara Swamp as well as Oloololo Pride, the 4 musketeers who dominated both prides. Crossing the river back and forth has given us the opportunity to see the growth and the prides dynamic. Other prides we can reach are Paradise pride, the river pride and the double cross pride. On the other side of the river Mara Triangle, we have esankuriai pride and mogoro pride on our rich this is on our mornings and evening drives.

About our leopards, we have our resident male and female which occasionally will be seen around crossing protecting their territories. The Double Cross Male and female which had been the easiest view lately are all within our reach on both evening and Morning Game drives,

Cheetah numbers are down totaling 60 in the Mara and due to their lower numbers it’s no longer an easy species to see but still we can get as close to the Serengeti boundary where this species is more abundant,

The final small cats are in the area, Serval Cat, Caracal, and African wildcats.

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